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Hello errrrbody...Thank you for your continued support. Stay safe and Stay Blessed. 

 Hoping and praying that you are all safe and well.

You know, As a teacher, I get excited when I start the school year. But as time goes on, I can't wait until the last day of school.

I think I'm at that point with  "recording" new projects. I'm at the point where I feel its the end of that phase in my music career.  I will still write and produce for other artist, but I just want to perform live... I love the energy and feeling I get from a live audience. I love answering questions and talking to the people who come out to see and hear me sing live.

I was really excited when I started this journey while in High school. But now, I'm getting excited knowing its ending, I just don't know how to stop...Unlike the end of a school year, I know when it ends and that what make the end of the school year special. You anticipate the time off, the possibilities of doing nothing or doing the things you really have a passion for. But music for me has no ending, The Whispers said it best when they said, "And the beat goes on"! But no matter what, I'm Blessed!







It's starting to get back to normal.....


Show Times  and Dates are subject to change, so please check with venue.

Lavel/Memphis Jackson Summer Schedule (so far...)

June 5th  Scotty’s Sandbar W/Soul Xpress  
June 12th Frankfort, MI  W/Soul Xpress  
June 23rd  Wenona park  W/Soul Xpress  
June 25th  Fort Worth, TX. 
July 2nd  Princess Wenona W/Soul Xpress  
July 3rd  Idlewild, MI. 
July 15th Party on McCarty W/Soul Xpress
August 4th  Bridgeport park W/Soul Xpress  
Sept 4th Ojibway Island,  Lavel Jackson 
Sept. 11th  The Vault in Saginaw, MI.  Memphis Jackson 

Already getting dates for next year, will post soon!