Powerful, Unique, Versatile, Agile, Creative……. 

His voice is powerful, his style unique, his creativity agile, his presence demanding and versatile. 

Lavel is a powerful and distinct artist whose abilities take him from the recording studio to the forefront of the stage performing for live audiences. Lavel has shown himself to be a versatile and creative singer, songwriter and producer.  His material has been heard on nationally syndicated television shows such as Family Matters, Sister Sister, and Dangerous Minds and on many nationally released albums. Lavel has produced music for a wide variety of styles (including R&B, Southern Soul and Gospel), but when creating music for himself you begin to see a distinct & classy style of days gone by. Lavel is influenced by the stylish sounds of Sam Cooke, Al Green and many singers of days gone by. 

After he graduated High School, he was invited to sing with several bands and groups, but it the offer to join the B.A.D Band that gave him  the opportunity to realize what a good front-man can do for a band or group. Lavel was the lead vocalist for band  during the 80’s and early 90’s. Although The B.A.D. Band never achieved national or international success, they did have 2 successful single releases (Stay Awhile" (1986) and  "All I Want is You" (1988) which lead to the band being the opening act for many major recording artist during that era. Lavel co- wrote and sang lead vocals on both singles. The success of the singles (Stay Awhile 86’ and All I want is you 88’) also lead to a recording contract with Motown records in 1991 and a demo deal with Al Hyman (Sony Records). 

 Lavel  has produced and written music for recording artist and Record Labels such as;  Illstreet ( Fab Five Freddys inthemiddle-entertainment),  Astray (Self made recordings), The Process, Motown Recs, Sinban Recs.,  Rowe Productions, Top Authority (Ichiban Recs.),  Darp Recs, and many others. He has credits for his vocal work on projects with the Dayton Family, Mack da Jacka, The Mighty Clouds of Joy, Astray, Gee Pierce and many others.

Lavel performs live shows with the 60's, 70's and 80's music cover band “Soul Xpress”, as well as doing shows as a solo artist. Lavel’s currently tours with The Dramatics featuring LJ Reynolds.